Zytek has been designing high-performance technology solutions since the mid-1990s, particularly focussing on motorsport and high-performance electric/hybrid vehicles.

Our engineering design teams have all of the primary capabilities needed to create a solution for any application:

  1. Hardware Design – creating both micro and power-board designs using the latest processors and high voltage, high current switching media.
  2. Electric Machine Design – generating solutions at all voltage ranges for electric and hybrid vehicles, standalone and highly integrated into mechanical drive systems.
  3. Mechanical Engineering Design – ensuring that hardware and electric machine solutions can operate in a mechanically and thermally robust manner, meeting all user requirements.
  4. Systems and controls – liaising with customers to ensure that requirements are agreed at the start of the programme, and met at the end, as well as providing all systems-level control solutions.
  5. Software engineering – providing the platform to enable the control of complex systems and its integration into vehicle systems to ensure seamless operation.
  6. Prototype Product Manufacturing – building products and working to ensure that these are tested under worst-case conditions to verify performance.
  7. Concept Vehicle Build – generating functional vehicles incorporating powertrain, chassis and interior concepts, working with customers to sign these off for use in testing and demonstration events.

Example Designs

Our auto designs have included:

  • An electric single-seater with individual wheel motors developed 20 years before the first season of Formula E
  • The very latest generation of pure electric sports car
  • Electric and hybrid powertrains
  • Anti-lock Braking Systems
  • Electronic Stability Programme
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Digital cockpits
  • Body control systems
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Connectivity solutions

Specification Development and Feasibility Analysis

Our design process includes full specification development and feasibility analysis to ensure that the optimum design is carried forward.

Design & Simulation

We use a variety of tools for both design and simulation:

  • 3D CAD modelling (Creo / Catia V5).
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for both water- and air-cooled systems.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) over user-specified analysis profiles.
  • Powertrain simulation to ensure mass, Centre of Gravity, and performance.

Related DESIGN Capabilities


We have been designing, developing, and converting prototype concept motorsport vehicles since the mid-1990s from our dedicated workshop facilities.


We are pioneers in the use of electronics in race and road applications having developed the first digital, re-programmable, microprocessor-controlled engine management system used in Formula 1.


We specialise in the design and development of high performance 3-phase, internal rotor, PMSM electric machines for hybrid and electric vehicles.


Our design team includes mechanical engineers with a wide range of skills from product design to vehicle A surface designers with all the necessary skills required for full vehicle build.


Yes. From all required EV components and systems such as powertrains, motors, inverters, to the complete vehicle, if required.

Yes, we have a rich history of designing and developing key systems for hybrid vehicles, such as ERS, and KERS.

No, but we work with carefully selected partners who all work to our high standards to manufacture you a bodyshell that meets your requirements.

As you should expect from professional automotive engineering designers, we use several licences for both Crea and Catia, so data can also be easily exchanged with customers in CAD neutral formats.

Whilst off-the-shelf components are frequently used for cost-effectiveness, if customers require advanced materials, bespoke components can be designed.

Only electric machines. 

However, for motorsport applications, we are usually only required to pursue the highest torque and power density solutions, which lead to permanent magnet solutions.

Also see our electric motors page.

Yes, using our fully equipped workshop facilities our highly experienced team will fully build your concept.