Zytek has been at the forefront of the automotive industry with electric and hybrid vehicle innovation and development in both motorsport and road cars since the 1990s, and are proud to have achieved numerous industry firsts:

Hybrid Motorsport Innovation:

  • First Daimler Smart production electric vehicle.
  • First 6 in 1 drive system to reduce EV powertrain mass and complexity.
  • First electric sports car vehicle with torque vectoring drive system at SAE.


Hybrid Motorsport Innovation:

  • First hybrid system used in IMSA endurance racing.
  • First hybrid system to win its class in IMSA endurance racing.
  • First hybrid system to gain a podium result in ACO endurance racing.


Hybrid Road Car Innovation:

  • First hybrid to be developed for production outside Japan.
  • First hybrid to be developed with a fully integrated “Electric Power Take Off” facility.
  • First to work with certification authorities to develop realistic test scenarios for hybrid vehicles.

Turnkey Design and Development Solutions

To help us to bring your ideas to life, we provide full vehicle turnkey research, design, and development solution for both the motorsport industry and OEMs:

  • Research – working with you to help you define the correct specification for your needs.
  • Design – our team of highly experienced auto engineers can help you with specification development, and provide cutting-edge concept vehicle, electronic and mechanical design solutions using the latest industry design and modeling, and simulation tools.
  • Testing – our state-of-the-art in-house UK-based test facilities create the perfect environment to develop products and systems to the highest quality and in the quickest time frame.
  • Manufacturing – in-house UK-based manufacturing facilities that allow all conventional, hybrid and full electric motorsport, and road vehicles to be manufactured, built, commissioned, and tested.


Digital Engine Management

Since 1981 we have been innovating auto electronics, with an unrivaled history of digital engine management development and deployment in the highest tiers of motorsport.


We have been deeply involved in electric vehicle technology innovation and development since 1994, and are proud of a number of firsts, such as the first 6 in 1 drive system to reduce EV powertrain mass and complexity.

Hybrid Motorsport

We have an unrivaled history with the development of hybrid technology in motorsport, such as the first hybrid system to win its class in IMSA endurance racing.

Hybrid Road Vehicles

We have a rich history with the development of hybrid road cars, such as the first hybrid vehicle to be developed for production outside Japan.


When Zytek was formed in 1981 the adopted business model was electronics innovation in motorsport. See our history.

In 1984, for the Toleman Hart F1 car.

We are also very proud to claim the design, development and manufacture of the first digital, re-programmable, microprocessor-controlled engine management system in Formula 1.

In 1994 the then chairman Bill Gibson decided to develop an electric sports car based on the Lotus Elise, and since then, Zytek has strived for alternatives to fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine focussing on electric vehicle innovation, and never looked back.

No, we have developed with OEMs developing many exciting new passenger cars, these include products from Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Aston Martin, and Dodge.

Yes, and there are many vehicles that have directly benefited from the performance advantages we have developed for motorsport.

Such as the Audi R8 E-TRON, developed as a road car, this vehicle has pushed automotive innovation and set records for the fastest production electric car at the Nürburgring.

Yes, we have a rich history of developing hybrid technology in both motorsport and road.

In as early as 1998 we developed a hybrid system that was successfully run at the 1998 inaugural Petit Le Mans race in the USA, winning its class.

We have also worked with General Motors to help develop the first hybrid car to be developed for production outside Japan.