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Founded in 1981 with an initial focus on the design, manufacture and track support of a range of engine management systems for Formula 1, endurance racing and other premium motorsport series, Zytek has grown to be one of the world’s premium suppliers of bespoke powertrain and chassis control solutions for high performance vehicles.

Having the foresight to begin its electrification journey in the mid-1990s, Zytek can also offer unrivalled experience in all aspects of hybridisation and electrification, from the design and manufacture of high-performance electrification systems solutions, to engineering support for all aspects of electrification challenges faced by our customers.

Over our 40 years of continual development and application of motorsport products and services, Zytek has an enviable reputation for the quality and value of its expertise not only within the motorsport industry and the top motorsport teams, but also across a wide range of roadcar OEM and Tier-1 customers across the world.

Since 2014, Zytek has been a fully owned subsidiary of Continental, enabling development experience and technology to come from roadcar over to motorsport programmes, further enhancing engineering capabilities and products that can be offered. This ensures that Zytek remain at the forefront of the fast-changing technology evolution, diversifying into a broad range of product areas such as driver assistance systems and environment monitoring technologies.

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Offering the full range of engineering services for your project, from concept, design,
manufacture, project management, track testing, support and servicing. Our
engineering solutions include:


Helping at all stages of the EV electrification process, from specification development, engineering design and modelling, manufacturing and assembly, testing at our in-house facilities and on-track, plus event support.


Providing EV propulsion systems from energy storage, battery management, power conversion, motor and controllers. Both ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke development solutions are available.


The e-drive system is the centrepiece of an electric car and includes power electronics, electric motor, transmission and battery. We can help you create an integrated e-drive that is most suited to your requirements.


ADAS increases driver and spectator/marshal safety and reduces costs via the reduction of accident numbers and severity. We can help you engineer and develop an integrated ADAS system that best suits your application.


We have been at the forefront of high-performance engineering technology design and development for motorsport and road vehicles in the automotive industry since 1981
offering a turnkey development solution from initial concept to track/road. Our
development solutions include:


Our highly experienced automotive design engineers deliver electronic, mechanical, concept, prototype and electric engine design solutions, whilst using the most up to date computer aided design, modelling and engineering analysis tools to help you realise your vision for motorsport or road.


Providing race teams, tier-1 and OEM international clients with the technical advice, expertise and close support (typically on-site) to ensure the high levels of engineering and technology integration for project success.


We provide the facilities and expertise to allow the manufacture, assembly, calibration and commissioning of vehicle components, along with full vehicle assembly when required.


Our dedicated in-house test facilities and engineering testing teams help to create the perfect project environment to develop systems and products to the highest quality in the quickest time frame.


We have pushed the boundaries of engine management innovation since 1981, and have been electric/hybrid vehicle pioneers since 1997 for both race and road engineering the most modern race vehicles.
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Zytek are a world-leading motorsport engineering company, as electric vehicle engineers we specialise in developing and supplying electrification and electric machine products, available ‘off the shelf’ customisation solutions are also available.

Our products are engineered, manufactured, assembled and tested within our UK facilities, ensuring the highest industry standards.


Our advanced EV electrification product range runs from the vehicle’s main high voltage DC bus and includes:

Powertrains, electric machines, inverters, energy recovery systems, electronic gear shift, fuel cells, energy storage, cabling and wiring harnesses, plus transmission systems. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems include ABS, electronic stability control, tyre pressure monitoring and on-board camera technology.


Our high-performance electric motors are all derivatives of the machines we developed for use in competitive EV race series such as Formula E and Super GT.

These are available from 60kW to 250kW, and whilst our performance engines have been designed for race applications, they can be customised for high performance road applications too. Not only standard sizes are available, custom motors can be supplied too.


As a motor sports engineering company, our world class engineers have enjoyed much success on prestigious motorsport and road projects; from the development of an electric race car with individual
wheel motors (20 years before the first season of Formula E), to the creation of an ultra-efficient drivetrain for the Gordon Murray Design T.27
(the world’s most efficient electric car).


For Honda we developed an energy recovery system which was the first hybrid system to achieve a championship win outside of Formula 1 and was used in Super GT racing for many years.


Selected by Mercedes/McLaren to develop their KERS hybrid system for the 2009 F1 season, our system was the first to enjoy a race win, and the first to win two races, all with 100% reliability.


Appointed by Jaguar Land Rover to help engineer a plug-in hybrid technology solution for their highly successful XJ and Range Rover road vehicles; resulting in the creation of two highly successful demonstrator vehicles.


With a £4.5m UK government backed investment, we were selected by Gordon Murray to develop an ultra-efficient powertrain, resulting in a system 45% lighter than today’s production EV’s and “the world’s most efficient electric car”.


For a leading Formula E team we supplied the motor and inverters, enjoying sixteen race wins and four out of six drivers and manufacturer team championships over three seasons.


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Zytek was formed back in 1981 with an initial focus on motorsport electronics and ‘in race car’ engine control units, the very first being an engine management system in 1984 for the Toleman Hart F1 car.

Zytek has a rich pedigree of working with the top tier teams in motorsport, on notable projects such as:

  • Formula 1 – Mercedes/McLaren – development of their hybrid system for the 2009 season which was universally regarded as the best system on the grid.
  • Formula E – A Leading Team – supplied the inverters and motors and enjoyed 16 race wins and 4 out of 6 drivers and manufacturers championships over three seasons.
  • Honda CRZ Super Gt Racing – we developed an ERS (energy recovery system) which was the first to achieve a championship win outside of Formula 1.

Zytek are EV engineering pioneers for both motorsport and road. 

In 1994 Zytek created a single seat battery electric car with in-wheel electric motors based on an F3000 chassis, then in 1997 a full electric car based on the Lotus Elise.

Zytek are proud to have worked on numerous exciting EV projects for both race and road, these include:

  • Gordon Murray T.27 – developed an ultra-efficient powertrain, resulting in a system 45% lighter than today’s production EV’s and “the world’s most efficient electric car”.
  • Formula E – engaged as the motor and inverter supplier for one of the leading teams, and engaged in season five to develop a lightweight and highly efficient DCDC converter units for another team.  
  • Audi R8 E-Tron – developed the electrification technology, achieving a Nürburgring record for a two-wheel drive electric road vehicle.

See our EV engineering case studies.

Zytek provides the full suite of engineering services to support your next motorsport project, including:

  • Vehicle electrification – from a range of fully functional demonstration EV and HEV projects in the 1990s to setting Nürburgring lap records for a production electric vehicle in the 2010s.
  • Design – have been designing high-performance motorsport technology solutions since the mid-1990s, particularly on high-performance electric and hybrid vehicles. Particular design specialties include concept vehicle design, hardware design, electric machine design, mechanical engineering design, systems and controls and software engineering.
  • Testing – advanced in-house test facilities help to create the perfect environment to develop high-performance products for motorsport.
  • Manufacturing – providing the facilities and technical expertise for the manufacturing of niche volume hybrid and full electric powertrains for motorsport.

Zytek has expert engineering teams that can bring your EV project to life, services include:

  • Electrification products – high-performance ‘off the shelf’ products from gearshift management systems, control systems, powertrain management, electric/hybrid-electric vehicle drive systems, and motorsport control systems.
  • Design & development – from mechanical and electronic to concept vehicles and prototypes.
  • Applications engineering – the technical advice, expertise and support to ensure our technology is applied to achieve specified performance and results.
  • Testing – dedicated in-house EV testing facilities.
  • Manufacturing & Assembly – dedicated in-house facilities to allow manufacture, assembly, and commissioning.