Zytek provides the highest performance EV electric motors for both motorsport and road vehicles.

Our current family of electric engines ranges up to 250kW, with the next generation of drivetrains being developed to meet the needs of the advancing electrified motorsport market.

Hybridisation within motorsport has moved from a niche offering in the 1990s, from a premium product in the 2000s, gained wider acceptance in the 2010s, and now to becoming standard fit for the 2020s.

Through all this time, Zytek has been involved with some of the most prestigious hybrid and fully electric vehicle projects, championing not only the performance-enhancing potential of electrified systems, but also the fuel saving potential to replace the internal combustion engine and thus the increasing relevance to road car programmes.

This longstanding approach has led Zytek into a position where the technology is of interest across a much wider range of customers and markets, all of whom share one objective – to find the best technology solutions, engineered in the quickest time, at the right price.

Zytek is a specialist in the design & manufacture of 3-phase, electric drive systems.

Our ‘off the shelf’ drive systems are currently permanent magnet, synchronous technology, as these offer unrivaled torque density and power capability combined with high efficiency.

With electric motors, inverters, and controls all developed in-house, Zytek offers the complete drive system solutions for customers, ready for integration into vehicles.

Formula 1 inverter

Browse our EV Engines:

60 kW
Can be run very hard in high power loads for a very long time due to a very low AC loss within the machine. Constructed using proprietary coil compressed technology with a very high copperfield factor enabling very low copper loss. More cost effective than the 75kW option in the terms of pound per kilowatt, though slightly lower performance with higher mass.

75 kW
An improved version of the machine that ran so successfully with the Honda GT 500 in the GT Racing Series, with more intensive attention to detail in machine manufacture and assembly, plus better cooling and lighter.

250 kW
Developed for use in Formula E with a focus on low centre of gravity and ultra-high efficiency, whilst utilising cost effective materials to keep the overall budget under control. Designed with an excess of power enabling it to be also used in other higher power motorsport applications.

Used throughout Formula E seasons 2, 3 and 4 achieving 16 race wins and four out of six drivers and manufacturers championships. 

Custom Motor Design
If you are looking for the highest performance in terms of efficiency, mass and operating speed, or maybe looking to reduce energy consumption, we can design and develop an EV motor solution, or even a hybrid engine dedicated to your needs.

With our simulation environment consisting of external and internal proprietary tools developed over the last 25 years, this gives us a deep understanding of the electric machine and its interaction with the entire drivetrain.



Designed with an excess of power in mind for Formula E and other higher power motorsport applications.


The 75kW system is an improved version of the machine that was running with Honda in the Japan Super GT 500.


High performance system is a derivative of the work that we did with Honda in Super GT Racing in Japan.



All have been developed to provide maximum torque and for use in the most arduous of conditions in mind.

If you are looking to develop an EV engine for road use, please Contact Us.

Our EV motors have appeared in a number of motorsport race series:

  • 60kw system – an enhanced version of the one that appeared in the Honda in Super GT Racing in Japan, plus endurance racing, prototypes and GTs.
  • 75 kW system – used in endurance racing, prototypes and GTs.
  • 250 kW system – used in endurance racing and Formula E.


Our ‘off the shelf’ machines are typically designed to have a service life of 6,000 km, then Zytek will take it back for an inspection, bearing refresh, reassembly.  

Though you should refer to the data sheets supplied with your product to confirm servicing intervals.

Yes, we provide a full servicing facility to ensure optimum life and performance of your EV/HEV motor, from our Lichfield facility.

Typically, a service will include:

  1. Initial EMF test
  2. Isolation test
  3. Stripped, inspected, bearings replaced & then reassembled
  4. 2nd EMF test
  5. 2nd isolation test
  6. Dynamometer test 
  7. Shipped to client with the CoP

If one of our ‘off the shelf’ products does not suit your application and you need a custom-designed electric vehicle motor, this is a core part of our expertise.

We will need to discuss in detail your application and your requirements, to then develop a specification that best suits your needs to give you a race winning solution.

Please contact us to discuss your application.

Usually yes, as system performance is the only way to meet customer targets.

Yes, this is possible.

Though we would recommend using our dynamometers to complete the calibration activity; we can offer full secure access for customers to use our test facilities.

Zytek inverters are available which have been designed to integrate with our machines.

Yes, each will be tested against the specification, and issued with a Certificate of Performance.


Our facilities provide closely controlled environments to produce high quality, high-performance machines. Starting with bought in laminations cut to our own profiles simulated within the design and modelling tools. We then wind stators and assemble rotors in house, completing the assembly with a range of low-speed measurement tests to ensure the product meets the specified performance and quality targets.

We also offer specialist service to OEMs, for example for Daimler between 2009 to 2011, a dedicated Zytek facility at the ‘Smart Fortwo’ plant in Hambach, France produced over 2,000 smart electric drivetrains.

Our electric motors are currently permanent magnet synchronous motors offering maximum torque density, especially when used with the Zytek electric powertrain.