Zytek are specialist motorsport engineers with a rich history of high-performance race car engineering solutions.

Zytek was founded in 1981 specialising in just engine management system for motorsport, and over the years we have hugely expanded out expertise to cover all the high-performance electrification elements demanded by the modern race environment.

Our rich motorsport history includes F1’s first fully electronic EMS driven by a young Ayrton Senna in the Toleman-Hart car in 1984, and the first KERS to win an F1 race by Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes/McLaren driven in 2009.



Zytek has also played a key role in the advancement of electrification technology in Formula E, and had worked with many other race series from the Le Mans Series, Auto GP Championships, Renault FR3.5 Series, Super GT, Formula 3000 and many more.


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For Honda we developed an ERS which was used in Super GT racing for many years, and was the first hybrid system to achieve a championship win outside of F1.


For Mercedes/McLaren, we develop their hybrid system for the 2009 Formula One season, universally regarded as the best on the grid.


Zytek supplied the motor and inverters, enjoying 16 race wins for a leading Formula E team; the team also enjoying four out of six drivers and manufacturers championships over three seasons.


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We are an automotive engineering company with a huge enthusiasm for racing, and years of experience in the racing industry with some of the world’s top racing teams, with a passion for maximising racing performance and efficiency.

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We offer the highest-performance bespoke services for top-tier motorsport clients, and we also have many off-the-shelf products and solutions making much of our technology within reach of the much larger market.

Whether you need to push the bounds to find a brand new solution, need to tailor existing technology for your needs, or simply need advice on how to better utilize our existing high-performance technologies, we have the technical knowledge to create a solution for you.

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We can take your project from concept to the race track, our solutions include (but are not limited to):


  • Race Car Design – as below.
  • Niche volume manufacturing – we can provide your project with the technical expertise and facilities to allow conventional, hybrid and electric motorsport powertrains (and vehicles) to be manufactured, built, commissioned, and tested.
  • Additive manufacturing – we also offer the bespoke design and manufacturing of complex shapes using a number of different materials with advanced auto additive manufacturing.
  • Digital engine management systems – Zytek has an unrivaled history of digital engine management design and development at the top tiers of motorsport.
  • Electric vehicle innovation – we have been deeply involved in electric vehicle research, design and development within motorsport since 1994.
  • Hybrid motorsport vehicle innovation – we have an unrivaled history with the design and development of hybrid race car technology; back in 1998, we developed a system that was successfully run at the 1998 inaugural Petit Le Mans race in the USA.

Zytek has been developing high-performance technology motorsports engineering solutions since the mid 1990s, particularly focusing on high-performance electric vehicles.

We offer a wide range of services including motor design, electrical design, mechanical engineering, software development, prototype manufacturing, and project management. This includes:

  • Race car design – our designers have all of the practical experience and capabilities needed to create a solution for the most challenging of applications, including:
    • Concept vehicle design – we have been designing race car concepts since the mid-1990s from our dedicated vehicle workshop facilities.
    • Mechanical design – our specialist design team includes mechanical race car engineers with a range of skills from product design to vehicle A surface designers.
    • Electronic design – we are pioneers in the design and manufacture of race car electronics, for example with the first digital, re-programmable, microprocessor-controlled engine management system used in Formula 1 (with Ayrton Senna).
    • PMSM motor design – we specialise in the design and development of permanent magnet, synchronous electric machines for both hybrid and electric race vehicles.

Zytek has been working on the development of advanced powertrains for motorsport cars since 1981.

Our expertise includes hybrid systems, electric drive units, fuel cell and batteries. Our products are used in various series of motorsport competitions around the globe. We’ve enjoyed numerous industry firsts including:

  • First hybrid system to win a race in Formula 1.
  • First electric system to win a competitive championship in Formula E (drivers and manufacturers).
  • First battery hybrid system to win a motorsport championship outside Formula 1.
  • First Daimler Smart electric vehicle to complete worldwide certification.
  • First Daimler Smart production electric vehicle.
  • First hybrid system to win its class in IMSA endurance racing.
  • First hybrid to be developed for production outside Japan.


For more information see Vehicle Electrification.

We are also a specialist niche volume automotive manufacturer providing the expertise and facilities that enable all conventional, hybrid, and fully electric motorsport powertrain and vehicle types to be manufactured, built, and commissioned.

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Our in-house testing facilities and engineering team create the ideal conditions to develop products and systems to meet the requirements of the automotive market, to the highest standards and within the shortest possible timeframe.

We have always found that the easiest way to ensure the smoothest path from initiating an automotive project to testing a product is by ensuring that all teams are co-located, so ensuring the highest level of communication.

Developed directly from our work with the top race teams, Zytek is also a leader in supplying a wide range of high-performance ‘off-the-shelf products from automotive control systems to electric/hybrid-electrical vehicles.

We offer solutions for engine, and gear shift management systems, as well as motorsport control systems.

Our innovative products are the product of our rich history in motorsports and road cars and have seen high levels of development, testing, and success.

All our products and components come from our UK facilities. For more information see Motorsport Products.